Vaan Thirakkindra Pozhudhil - Official Teaser | Darshana KT | Karthik KT | Suriya Narayanan

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    Presenting the Official Teaser of "Vaan Thirakkindra Pozhudhil".
    #VaanThirakkindraPozhudhil #ShotOniPhone
    Composed by : Karthik KT
    Sung by : Darshana KT
    Cast : Praveen Muthurangan, Pavithrah Marimuthu, Saathvika Raj
    Directed by : Suriya Narayanan
    DOP : SR Kathir
    Editing : Praveen Antony
    Lyrics : Charukesh Sekar
    GFX : Gokul Paulraj
    DI : GB Colour Grades
    Produced by : The Studio Madras
    Music & Programing : Karthik KT
    Guitars : Bob Phukan
    Recorded at : Juke Joint Studios, Chicago
    Mixed & Mastered : Aura Studios, Chennai
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    1. Sindhu Chary

      🤞🏻GVM Sir

    2. Atlantic Cairo

      Excellent excellent

    3. Kishore Kumar

      Shit... vomiting sensing... waste of time.. GV menon lost his copy style of iranian cinemas

    4. yakshi Kunju

      really waiting to watch😍

    5. Siva E

      Shot on iphone 🤔 GVM and his crew always best is making shoots in a less budget💰... waiting for visual.. less budget good quality

    6. Nazer Abdulla

      കട്ട വെയ്റ്റിങ്ങ് BRO,,,

    7. Nazer Abdulla

      Katta witing BRO,,,,,

    8. Parthiban G

      What a voice love it💞💯



    10. bhawya sankar

      Can't wait for Aug 12 ♥️♥️

    11. MD Vijay

      I have heard the audio song before. Waiting for the full video. There is something unique about your voice makes me listen again and again 😍 😍

    12. Gowtham Karunakaran

      Hit like , If u have watched again "Oru chance kodu ponne.." to identify whether the reference of this song is mentioned in starting portion of oru chance kodu ponne😄😉 And reply it matches or not 😁👇

      1. Sheela Kabirdass

        I guess no.. is it??

    13. Frinto Francis C F

      For God sake...please get rid of this Dharshan

    14. ranga vasu


    15. Saravanakumar R

      Its a old song re-release :)

    16. Ram Prabhakar

      Bombay jayashri voice?

    17. aruna 1300

      GVM fever... Is this a short film?

      1. Nazer Abdulla

        Pls wIT,,,,

    18. Darshana KT

      Thank you all so much :) thank you for your love and support ❤️💕✨

      1. Suresh K


      2. MD Vijay

        Waiting for the video 👍

      3. Krupha Shankar1234

        All the best mam 👍💫

    19. lena Jose

      Gautham Sir, you are amazing sir. Waiting for all your creations. All wishes from Maldives. We love u and ur team

    20. Richard Gregory

      GVM Sir is rocking in LOCKDOWN🔥

    21. M.R. Block

      Sema voice 😍♥️♥️

    22. raja sekar

      Wowwwwww amazing...Nice Feeling..

    23. Krishnan T

      Wow....can't wait....teaser really teases..

    24. K Mukil

      I am waiting for teaser😘

    25. K Mukil


    26. bewla parameshwaran


    27. Dhakshin

      Avlo thana?😢

    28. Nikhil


    29. Paranthaman Radhakrishnan

      Teaser mattunthan varuthu

    30. Dhanush Aravind

      GVM : Here we go again 😅

    31. Lawrence Alexander