Uraiyaadal and Stuff with Team Oru Chance Kudu | A GVM Live with Karthik, Karky & Sathish

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    Here is "Uraiyaadal and Stuff.." with Team #OruChanceKudu
    Watchout for the upcoming webseries of GVM, Dhruva Natchathiram & Much More!
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    1. Tharun S

      Waiting For Dhuruva Natchathiram


      just awesome lyrics ,excellent vocals by both guna and karthik and excellent acting by kalai and shantanu and cute expressions by megha and beautiful picturisation by gautham

    3. Octapad Music World

      Hi Gautham sir I'm a big fan of u

    4. Akileshwar Naidu

      Oru chance kudu ponnu is already song is there in bodhai kodhai 2 years ago

    5. jilbert john

      Love you Karthik ❤ 💋

    6. Theeba Arumugam

      Glad to see this combo bck.. really missed the songs frm ondraga originals.. this song really nice.. d combo of 2 type of singing superb. D song in whole really nice..

    7. aswath bluemetals


    8. Senthil Bala

      This suppose to be completed gana guna song

    9. Akileshwar Naidu

      But how is oru chance kudu ponnen song is been played in the beginning of bodhai kodhai

    10. ArunKumar M

      கெளதம் சார் தமிழில் சிறந்த இயக்குனர்களில் நீங்களும் ஒருத்தர், நிச்சயம் உங்களால் பல commercial வெற்றிகளை கொடுக்க முடியும், அதை தான் எதிர் பார்க்கிறோம், மணி சார் போல ஆயிடாதீங்க. கொஞ்சம் english, போலீஸ், லவ், சண்டை இதெல்லாம் குறைச்சி, பல மாறுபட்ட கதைகளை இயக்குங்கள்.

    11. Suresh Jay

      I enjoy this kind of discussion and sharing their experiences behind the screen...Gvm and Karthik compo is really fresh..keep doing more singles

    12. J S

      Sathish reminds me of Sushant Singh Rajput in looks, not sure how many feel the same

    13. Smiley Smiley

      Song instrumental music varumaa

    14. Saisaran Sivakumar

      Sir my sister will dance Bharatanatyam sir . You can try

    15. L.M.G.R

      After long time GV sir looking fresh thanks for open good thoughts karky and Karthik and Satish . Sathish lot of time giving very causely ideas.....

    16. Yoganandhan R

      Superb, next level of movie making with limited techniques due to limitation..

    17. Rtr. Krish Ur frnd

      Expecting one village setup album from ondraga... If possible pls do it

    18. singai vendan

      யோவ்...அந்த பாட்டு நல்லா இருக்கான்னு போய் பாத்தது ஒரு குத்தமாயா!? அதுக்கு போய் இப்படி ஒரு சக்ஸஸ் மீட் வேற...அட பாவிகளா இந்த கொரோனா ஒரு பக்கம் படுத்துதுன்னா நீங்க ஒரு பக்கம் படுத்துறீங்களே..மக்கள் மனசுல நின்னுக்கிட்டே இருக்கனும் சரி..... அதுக்காக இப்படியா!? நீங்க என்ன வேணா செய்வீங்க ஆனா நாங்க மட்டும் உங்கள பாராட்டிக்கிட்டே இருக்கணும் இல்ல...சில விஷயம் நல்லா இல்லன்னு சொல்லுறதுக்கு ஒரு space குடுங்க அதுக்குள்ளே இப்டி சக்ஸஸ் மீட் போட்டா நாங்களும் தான் என்னதான் பண்ணுறது!? ஆமா ஏன் சின்மயி ய காணோம், இந்த குரூப் ல !!!? ஒன்னு மட்டும் புரியுது lock down na என்ன quarantine na என்ன pandemic na என்னன்னு உங்க யாருக்கும் ஒன்னும் புரியலன்னு. இதே மட்டும் சிங்கப்பூர் ஆ இருந்திருந்தா...உங்கள் எல்லாருக்கும் தலைக்கு 5 லட்சம் அபராதம். 6 மாசம் சிறை. ஊரே செத்துக்கிட்டு இருக்கு நீங்க என்ன வேல பண்ணிக்கிட்டு இருக்கீங்க.

    19. Mani Vasu

      Wanna listen, En eniya Pon nilave in GVM voice

    20. Fred

      Karthik's voice mostly match for Vikram and Suriya......

    21. Thamarai Sentha

      Oru chance kodu semma song. My favorite song. Pls big screen la varanumnu expect panrom.

    22. Let Me Tell a Kutti Story

      Keatu tu puduchuruntha subscribe pannunga paprom.info/block/v/mZ2cspGHy6eezaA.html

    23. PR

      Debnita kar

    24. arashok

      Actually i was thinking to fast fwd and cross the video, but I fall over to remember B coz you people were discussing about a worthy fresh look outcome

    25. 20abishek

      i have heard the song a 100 times and feels fresh every time i start again!! great work team ,,, love the ondragà team .... pls cast kalai again ,... amazing actor

    26. Ramya Veerasamy

      GVM sir really great work

    27. Ramya Veerasamy

      Wow wat a awesome work ,, orru chance kudu ponaeee ,, so nice theme , voice and lyrics and choreo ,, well done ,, actually kalai and shanthanu and equally balanced ,initially I thought may be shanthu will only be focused but kalai had nailed too.... Awesome

    28. varun prakash

      GVM music 🎵🎶🎵🎶 song and Best Visuals 🎥 in his love 💟💗🖤💙 romantic song Vera Level 👍👍👍


      I can sit and watch GVM talk the whole day

    30. alenn mosses

      if you listen to BODHAI KODHAI --> paprom.info/block/v/pnWbbMeW1Xxir4I.html ( 0:43 ) you can hear ORU CHANCE KODU adhe pola if you listen to oru chance kodu paprom.info/block/v/pZ3Mired0Wyiz34.html closely 0:00 - 0:54 "azhagai inum inum konjum enakai kaathu irudaa" a teaser to another song :O is it Padmaja Srinivasan?yara terinja sollunga so there is another melody song -female voice lead? probably another song from GVM and his team is on its way. :) EAGERLY WAITING sathyama whoever came up with this idea- GENIUS sir neenga.

    31. Divya V Mahendrakar

      Perpetrator, Perpetrator's son and the rest' should be the caption of this video...! The only thing that is beyond my understanding is that a gentleman like GVM, why would he associate himself with Karthik (so many women came forward in the 'me too' thing aginst him). Least is to stop working with such people atleast until an inquiry is done.


        perparators son...wowww.....why would he be held responsibile for what his father had hone ?

    32. Nirose Nirose

      Ungala paartadum

    33. Nirose Nirose

      Sir alugaye vandrutchu sir

    34. Nirose Nirose

      Sir unga smile avlo alagu sir

    35. Nirose Nirose

      Nerla paartadum I am sweating sir Pesa vaarta varala sir. I love I love you sir

    36. Nirose Nirose

      Gods grace ungala parten sir daily en dreams la sir

    37. Nirose Nirose

      Sir ungala pakkanumnungradu en dream sir

    38. Nirose Nirose

      Sir unga voice nenga avlo avlo pitikum sir

    39. Nirose Nirose

      Gvm sir I love

    40. Esther Nisha Thayalan

      Hi sir , is that your Tiny house or a treehouse?

    41. Minolin Joseph

      My one & only favourite director GVM sir

    42. Prawin Kumar

      enada evlo songs vechurkeenga...

    43. Uma Ashwini

      rukmini can dance both classical and bally

    44. M&D COM Universe

      Adutha song next week ka yeppa andhalavuku porumai yillaye enaku😞😞😞

    45. M&D COM Universe

      Aama adhu unmai GVM value ippatha puriyidhu Yennai Arindhaal 2 yeppo release director sir???

    46. anusuya divakar

      Nalla sambaathikkiringapaa...


      That One Song Enough to become a good Entertainment Movie👌 Karky தமிழ்❤️

    48. karthi production

      GVM new movie update paprom.info/block/v/g22apJedt2Z93KQ.html

    49. kamalesh .G.S

      I'm still doubting why released Karthick dial செய்த எண்

    50. fusion makeup artist

      I love this wooden studio😍

    51. Local Billionaire

      Please use dis song even in ur future film too sir

    52. Shailaja Pattabiraman

      Sir... ths ws really better than ur previous Karthik dial seida yenn... sorry m jus being honest...

    53. RangaPrasad Rangarajan

      2 yrs irukkum la nu kargie keataru... Ennadhu adhu nu theriyum ha ?

    54. GamingWithZion 10

      We watch this song everyday ! Best song of 2020! Kalai was outstanding

    55. S S

      Chinmay varliyaa ?

    56. Kiran Kumar

      Take a bow for the possibility, collaboration and down to earth post success. GVM turns to be my inspiration after Ajith sir.

    57. Opticuu

      Idhu yellam okay, yennai nokki payum Thotta yaen ivlo mokkaya irundhuchu, cha 2019 worst hyped movie

    58. fusion makeup artist

      Gvm little bit look a like actor surya

    59. Prakash K

      35:32 to 35:34 GVM nailed it. Made me to watch that oru chance kudu song.

    60. silpa sourya

      Sathish's sense of humor was very nice

    61. RJ WORLD

      Nice song by gautam and team... Lockdown time la eduthathu sema.

    62. MS Jeru

      Sir making video podunga

    63. sn abitha

      Any Sathish fans here 😂

    64. Vino Dylan

      Really this team have cure stuff always... I ❤ team

    65. Vishnu Sp

      GVM name enough

    66. Vishnu L Shenoy

      Great GVM Sir


      Waste of time useless video Help poor people Dont earn money in this situation Common public dont waste your precious time to watch this kind of videos Focus your health and be stay with family Takecare yourself

    68. Jenson C

      Saw a comment for that song : Gvm needed a quarantine to come back... I replied : off course everyone..

    69. செந்தமிழ் செல்வா. வ

      Maddy viya vachu ethavathu short film panunga

    70. Dee Kesh

      Yarukellam title paducha udaney "maruvathai"lyrics gnayabagam vanthuchu 😂😂😂

    71. Siva Balan

      Sir... awesome... But I like BODHAIKODHAI nenga atha pathi peasave illà..NEXTTIME pesunga sir...pls😅

    72. S. N

      Sir song super duper.. Daily 2 times kekkaren.. Fantastic casting for song.. Specially kalaiarasan.. He was amazing. I never thought he would be gvm's material.. I loved gaana bala's voice . Everything was fresh. Megha and shanthanu was awesome pair.

    73. Manikandan Kumar


    74. Arun Prakash

      மேகா வுக்கு பதிலாக சாய்பல்லவி போட்டுயிருக்கலாம்..GVM 😍

    75. Kani Mozhi

      Gvm movie always good to watch.

    76. V. Sadhve Krishnamurthy

      love u loadss satish...semmmaa

    77. review music


    78. V. Sadhve Krishnamurthy

      Omg ...superrbbbb really really looking fwd to such beautiful videos from u guys

    79. SLC Music's


    80. Daisy Panimalar

      4 legends

    81. Arun Prakash

      சாந்தனு வச்சி நீங்க ஒரு படம் பன்னலாம் GVM SIR...

    82. Leni nani

      Dhruva Natchathiram update from 29:45 min so don't waste your time guys Veetti paasangaa

    83. Vishnu Vardhan

      Uraiyaadal and "STUFF" with team!?🤔 😜

    84. Praveen clive

      Miss you my favorite Goutham and karthik

    85. LE-13 Prem Kumar

      That Gramathu Appa Role Series shoot in Virudhunagar... 😂😂🔥💕💕💕🎉🎉🎉

    86. Prabhakar Murugesan

      Next single ready to make by GVM.. Oru chance kudu album starting lyrics Alghai inum inum konjam.... What a connection to your musical albums.???? Ulaviravu Bothai kothai Oru chance kudu Really amazing work hats off to all GVM Karthi karki

    87. Ashwin V Raghavan

      just think about ARR in that squad!🤗

    88. vjvinoth

      guys im waiting for kaili song......even cant find in Doopaadoo......kindly release it

    89. Nandlal Aruna

      Please promote musicians like Kaber Vasuki ,SIennor and Otha Sevuru etc.

    90. narendra raja

      Kaili song eppo varum

    91. Guruprasad S

      Such a Bliss To Watch.. Sathish 😍😍🤣🤣

    92. Balaji Balaji


    93. sushma seles

      Innum 4 hrs indha session irunthalum pathute irupen..u Four are giving ur best in your art..congrats and keep rocking

    94. Ahamed Jezooley

      Amazing team, Why are you taking so long to song. too Long waiting for a song.

    95. Aravind Kumar

      Can you please use these album songs together in a GVM's beautiful movie?

    96. manoj kumar

      Azhaga konjam kathiruda song in female voice s the nxt release of ondraga entertainment.... Expecting so...,🥰😍

    97. Richard Gregory

      You guys are really rocking... Keep up the good work!!

    98. Sri Varshini

      This entire series just adds the next tracks in the beginning of the previous tracks..just love the way how you increase listener's curiousity.. you people entertain us by giving us all the good songs. Keep rocking and keep continuing. Stay safe. This combo is the best

    99. Mathi Malarchelvi

      I dont like Sathish. always like to mock and troll others on twitter and stuff. Dk how gvm got him into his circle, his luck

    100. Rajesh Waran

      you made me mad on blue and grey gautam... your mask is also BLUE...