KALI - Official Shortfilm | Niveditha Prakasam | Ashwin V | Asna Khan

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    Contract killer, Saree lover.
    Dark comedy, light hearted.
    Dropping the whacky, intriguing short #KALI.
    This movie was a pleasant surprise for us, we'd love to hear what you think!
    Niveditha Prakasam
    Instagram - @niv.prakasam
    Twitter - @NivPrakasam
    Facebook - @niv.prakasam
    Surabhi Parkar
    Instagram - @surabhiparkar
    Facebook - @surabhiparkar
    Anisha Lakshmanan
    Instagram - @nichesluck
    Twitter - @nichesluck
    Facebook - @nichesluck
    Shradha Muralidharan
    Instagram - @shradham
    Twitter - @falooly
    Antony Felix
    Instagram - @an_toe_alo
    Suren M
    Instagram - @0_suren_m_0
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    Pragadeesh S
    Instagram - @what_a_wonderful_dream
    Akshay Menon
    Instagram- @akshaymen
    Facebook- @akshay.menon.92
    Rohan Verma
    Instagram: @rohanverma_95
    Sheehan DSouza
    Instagram: @sheehanrysa
    Produced By:
    Asna Khan
    Instagram: @asnakhan96
    Twitter: @Mmmpizzaa
    Ashwin V
    Instagram: @nameinitalics
    Written & Directed By:
    Ashwin V
    Instagram - @nameinitalics
    Sound Designer:
    Mehar Chumble
    Instagram - @mondeblue
    Facebook - mehar.chumble
    Director of Photography:
    Reed Garber
    Instagram - @reedmgarber
    Additional Cinematography:
    Balaji krishnan
    Instagram - @balaji_krishnan21
    Asna Khan
    Instagram: @curiouschange_
    Swamy Nathan
    Instagram: @contact_sheets
    Facebook: @Swamy Nathan
    Assistant Director:
    Instagram: @karrttikk
    Assistant Cinematographer:
    Parth R
    Instagram: @parth.r
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    1. perumal raj

      the boss is delusional?

    2. Somu Natrajan

      GVM sir, please do one album with music director 'Tanishk bagchi'. You will definitely like him

    3. pankaj suman

      Usually, whole story is the thing, that matters most to me in any film. May be story may have loopholes, but still I felt chilled. And the reason being, witnessing an all women organization to run contract killing business and that was honestly entertaining. And when it comes to the killing of therapist, I myself have jumped to the conclusion that she might got punished for the death of that "girlfriend". That could have been made clear so that others could also understand it, otherwise I enjoyed it.😀😀

    4. Vijay

      Valakama palaka doshathla like press paniduven. After watching, went and disliked 😂

    5. Khusbu Mahapatra

      Very nice.... Most entertaining short film

    6. ADHI N B

      Can i get a chance to do a short film

    7. Mukesh Mohankumar

      KALI doesn't match Machi. Try Non Sense

    8. Pradeep Palanisamy

      Add a bit of convention to story what are trying to say

    9. Ranjith Kumar

      Kill bill 20% + Pulp Fiction 55% + 5% reservoir dogs + 20% kill bill 2 😂😂😂😂

    10. Ranjith Kumar

      Pakka Quintin veriyaan ...Except MF and Ni**r...😂

    11. Ranjith Kumar


    12. The Indian Vlog

      phycology of Hitwomen - she is satisfied with her job of killing but not day to day maintenance of office as she is explaining to therapist - but in undercurrent she may dont like her job as a hitwomen that hatred is been expressed in other way as hatred toward her receptionist sub plots such as her 'date and kill in a same time'- when her date is abt to know the killing happened in - she fled - it may b due to her under current hatred towards her hitwomen job - or as a crimnal she just fleed other subplots - 17 yr couples, office receptionist prob & cocaine lost gangsters might have sme phycological reason behind it - if any one knows pls explain unrealistic office setup for hitwomen - run by womens - is taking me off the story - but like sj surya said in NEW - if u accept it then watch it story wriiten based on 1) curiosity - why this women is killing 2) fascination- how this women is killing 3 )adventure - what is the Phycological prob of this hitwomen bad thing abt this story is 1) fillers - could have been crisply edited - may b they might have had it for phycological hold 2) bold & coward - u r bold enough to take a story of hitwomen to create curiosity & fascination but shown cowardness by shying away in showing deatils of the murder in a gory way - u killed the same facscination u created still more to say - based on response will add further .

      1. perumal raj

        Good analysis brother👌🏼

    13. Eastend Pictures

      Cinematography 💯 matha padi vera eduvum solrathuku illa

    14. Narendiran Jayabalu

      You forgot to thank Quentin Tarantino in the end credits😂😂😂

    15. ஜெ விநா

      24:57 mins wasted

    16. venkatesh vicky

      quirky!! potentially cute

    17. powsh krishna

      I didnt understand the substance in the movie. May be writer and director was high and took me along with them on a trip.🤷🏻‍♂️

    18. Shree Jeni

      What are they trying to convey? After 25 mins of watching, just filled with negative energy only. Is that I am not intellectual enough to understand what they are trying to convey?

    19. Wizz Tech

      Ena karumam dan pani vachi irukeengalo

    20. thiru seelan

      Seriously boring and over chatting short film !! They only focus on shots and frames and nothing much !!

    21. Keerthi Vasan

      Just brilliant 👌

    22. mohan krishna

      Tony Soprano just shot doctor Melfi

    23. Drugun

      The main actor is like a robot, Why put in saree in the middle?

    24. Know Your English Vocabulary

      Good one:-)

    25. Rakesh Ganta

      Came here for Nivedita. Long time after Queens of Comedy. Want to see more of her stand up comedy.

    26. Swathilekha Thampy


    27. Jyothis j abraham

      The way of storytelling 🔥❤️

    28. paul ananth

      கெட்ட பையன் சார் இந்த காளி But she also sounds like YOUNG SHELDON

    29. Veda Alwayshappy

      Therapist evan kolradhuku kaasu kodupaan?

    30. pavithra rajavelu

      Did dis story connects with "Kali! I don't think so

    31. Md Abuthair

      Psychiatrist looks like Emma stone ❤️

    32. Alfas ST

      this short film seems to be taken from the Prime Series Afsos.

    33. Praveen N

      This movie kind of fooled me... I was trying to connect the rewatching it again and again... And finally realized there are no dots... Those intermediate extra scenes are just fillers

    34. Kay Sivam

      entertaining, intelligent and educative storytelling :) kudos to the entire team !!! especially the director, the one with the vision :)

    35. arun guna

      Heroine not she is hero.... Semma performance.... Congrats team 👏 and director..... I learn New words from your dialgue....

    36. shiva dhanu

      This is what happens when Some half boil does in the name of creativity or thinking " im doing different " nu solitu olapi vechruvaru.......seriyana ulaga olapala iruku.....ennamo just like that.... uppu sappu illatha uppuma maathri iruku short film......Think hard and come with a good short film next time pls........

    37. SIBIN 79

      Dumb acting

    38. MY view

      After watching, I came straight to comments and surprised to find out alot of people doesn't care abt the whole psychology part In the film... Who ever made this... You guys are amazing... 🔥

    39. Maheshwaran P

      Writing and the performance are amazing. Loved it. But the cultural inaccuracy took me out of the story at times. Like why do they talk in English the whole time? Dating, therapy are western people stuff and not very common in here but it's kinda happening in some urban places so it's ok. English between the therapist and Kali makes sense because may be therapist is a north indian but why did the therapist talked to her mom in English the whole time? Also the audio and editing could've been better. Some unnecessary subplots. I'm giving more negative criticism than positive because only from the negative can you learn. Good luck.

    40. Kishan Ps

      The story of the boy and the girl was really interesting ❤️❤️

    41. rajaganapathy vijayan

      intellectual writing. Manymore great stages waiting for the team.

    42. Vanchi Nathan

      Pongada punda kelapangala

    43. geetha84

      After long time a really well directed film.

    44. varun prakash

      Kali illa Gali 😃😃😃😃 Ennada feminism wrong using 😃😃😃😃 Nivedita praskasam performance 😃😃😃😃😃😃

    45. Nithya Bathru

      Seriously, is it oly me who's struggling to know what the movie is all about?!?? Ennada eruku endha padathula, aandavaa!!!

      1. balu baluvnb

        Even all one hope ......

      2. Praveen N

        This movie kind of fooled me... I was trying to connect the rewatching it again and again... And finally realized there are no dots... Those intermediate extra scenes are just fillers

      3. Nithya Bathru

        @Guru Gopi Sure will do! Thanks for sharing...

      4. Guru Gopi

        @Nithya Bathru visit once again after somedays you will find something new. That's the special here..

      5. Nithya Bathru

        @Guru Gopi Agreed!!!! But something crucial was missing in the movie to watch....

    46. Pradeep Priyan

      Vera lvl ya padam

    47. ravi raj

      Good content 👍

    48. Srinath Gopalan

      glad to see nivedita take a plunge into acting, apart from stand-up routine

    49. Mano Rajagopal


    50. Minnuty vlogs

      കട്ട support Ind cheta

    51. Lekha Chandran

      4:05 Kadaga raasikku English la "Cancer" nu peru XD .. Unga translation la theeya vaika..

      1. Ashwin V

        Nice one.

      2. Actor kathirvel shortfilm

        Hi lekha yen shortfilm ku subtitles translation pannithara mudiyuma?

    52. D19CM168 SOURAV.S

      😂who all Google nivedhitha prakasam and realised she was in queens of comedy

      1. sukesh daniel


    53. N Medics


    54. Naveen Boopathy

      boy Named Noah it's not coincidence right ??

      1. N Medics


    55. கால்நடை தோழன் STR

      Good story but time filling சீன் கொஞ்சம் கொரச்சு இருந்தால் நல்லா intrest ha இருக்கும்.

      1. N Medics


    56. Madhu Rishi

      Wonderful short film well crafted

    57. Amreen Kubra

      Hey good content🤗

      1. N Medics


    58. Dinesh Palani

      Thookkama varuthe