CYCLE - Official Tamil Shortfilm | A Film by Broken Puppets

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69 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼20

    “I’m Raj. I am sitting at my balcony and staring at the sky, completely lost. To be honest I'm a little all over the place because something... strange, happened yesterday. Something unbelievable and...absurd. I'm not sure you'll believe me if I tell you, so watch for yourself?"
    Broken Puppets presents 'CYCLE'
    Fair Warning : Your senses can get all mixed up with this short that dabbles with dark humor and the absurd comedy.
    #Cycle #TamilShortfilm
    Direction: Arjun & Balaji
    DOP & CG: Bharanidharan
    Antony Felix
    Chandhini Sada
    Nandhini Subbulakshmi
    Music: Arvind
    Screenplay & Editing: Balaji
    Dialogues: Arjun
    Sounds: Arvind & Balaji
    Produced by: Broken Puppets
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    1. DefualtRobloxian

      what is this language I don't understand and how to pronounce tamil?


      Karma is a boomerang 😂

    3. Black lover

      Arumai 🔥❤️❤️

    4. Lakshmi Priya

      Super movie.. good 👍

    5. THIJO K

      I am just click the video to know who is the person look like dhoni. But it is quite intresting and superb film

    6. shinchan nohara

      good film .....

    7. Tamil kundi

      இதில் வரும் ராஜ் சந்தனுபாக்கியராஜ் மெலிந்த்து இருப்பது போல் இருக்கிறான் திருடன்.

    8. Jennathul Firthous

      Oh..a nose for an ear..nw i understand..nice

    9. Bhuvi eswari

      🤗🤗🤗Nice ,hero very cute

    10. karthick k

      Different story script.. Well acted. Dialogues are good. A well-framed tale.

    11. Akassh P

    12. Navindharan Magenthran

      Make it a series!!.. Awesome story telling!!

    13. Sid Lee

      Aravind performance was good, Divya was the most irritating character, if I were as Aravind She would have lost most of her teeth, baam.......!!


      No words 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    15. Sathya velu

      Karma is boomerang


      SUPERB!! KUDUS TO THE TEAM for making a fresh and crisp story! Im sure it shall receive fabulous response.

    17. Rishi Reddy

      Awsm concept .... 👌👌.... aft lng period seen a unique film

    18. Shobana Ramesh

      Nice acting. Romba overact pannama subtle ah pleasant ah gud. Keep working guys. Dubbing voice is sweet.

    19. udhaya kumar

      யோவ் யாருய்யா நீங்க...? செம சூப்பரு....

    20. S Ayyappan


    21. renuga devi

      If it's happening in real life to all doing mistakes na yarum thappu panna mattanga and aduthavangala hurt panna mattanga

    22. Dinesh Kumar

      Superb guys

    23. Shanmu Shanmugam

      Can anyone explain abt this story i cant get this?

      1. Vishnu L R

        One word story karma

    24. Uday Duplessis

      Another important one karma is there with this concept🔥

    25. SÍMBÚ


    26. tc

      Just luv the soundtrack used. The Soundtrack is Paint It black released in 1966 .

    27. B Shree Hari 0642

      For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction

    28. suhek

      wow... semmma nanba

    29. Anantha Krishnan Radhakrishnan


    30. Thelivu u

      Samii........dei mokka da, puriyadhamadhiri irundha adhu super padam illada, ethana nalaikku indha mari cliché padam eduppingae,

    31. Rifnas Riff

      Is that Raj for Rajput?

    32. gnana guru

      the rolling stones Painted it, black

    33. Ram Baba

      Cambany tamilian pinnaran da

    34. Latha sampath

      Good nga😘

    35. Suren M

      Great work team B.P, Keep going 🤗

    36. Pradeep Priyan

      Dai en da ipdi makala nasam panringa , spreading and creating myths on modern days , bastards

    37. Jayam Tex

      How r all come for gvm hit like

    38. Jayam Tex

      😍😍😍 நல்ல படைப்பு

    39. Faizal Faizal

      Spr vera lvl

    40. Simple Somethings

      A very nice script and Gr8 acting skills..Arjun, good to see you back. Been a fan of you since the short film, "the drive". Arvind, I loved the climax background score.. Every one has a suttle way of acting. Hearty congratulations to the team

    41. Sathish Kumar

      Nice Work Guys. That Lovers Couple Both are very Gud Performance 🤩

    42. Veerappan Kr

      ithu oru vatti muttitu vitta kombu vandurum storyline - Insipired by Hasini I guess

    43. Nagaraj Janakiraman

      Super concept.

    44. Asad Naif

      Idhu unmayave ungaluku vandha nalla irkum

    45. Viswanth Tammana

      Excellent 💥 Really very nice one 👌🏼

    46. varun prakash

      Climax Vera Level Nose Break and he smell & Semma Super 😃😃😃 comedy short film cycle title pathil Exchange of Pain 😃😃😃😃😃

    47. N R Ramanesh

      Predictable story, but has a good life message. Hero is raising the music whenever daily boring routines are heard. So its predicted that he is going to hear special. Cycle goer is fond of illayaraja song, if hero starts hearing Illayaraja songs, it would have been a better connectivity with the cycle goer. Good efforts by all. Music by Arvind, especially the bgm when hero had plasters on his nose. Superb Arvind. Its Nosetalgic.

    48. Vijay Dijan

      I loved it , all the best team

    49. rajasekar palani

      Balaji velavan nice work bruh!😀

    50. Sowndharya Subramanian

      Great to watch u guys again !! Arjun,Nandhini and Felix anna ❤️👏👏👏👏👏 u made a superb team. Best wishes!!

    51. sakthi sakthi

      I am having a biggest doubt that cannot be answered by NASA scientists.. That question is when DHRUVA NATCHATIRAM release.. Answer sonna LIFE TIME SETTLEMENT..

    52. Vaikunth Kasthuri

      Acting naturally is a gift ! All of them have that. Nice script and screenplay. Overall very neat presentation on the story. Kudos to the team ! Arjun Bro, Kalakkal!! 🔥❤

    53. Ram gopal

      This is one good example of how one can take a thesis of a movie and write a screenplay! The thesis of this movie is from The Machinist by Brad Anderson starring Christian Bale. Good work guys.

    54. R KIRAN

      Dei dei camera fake semmaya panringha da deiii

    55. V Manish Reddy

      Arjun it's really nice man... All the very best for your upcoming projects...

    56. Short Diaries

      Sir parava Ila 8 Laks Koduthu cycle karana sari panitaru, cycle karan gas vanga kooda kaasu ilama irukan Avan epdi repay Pana porano🤔🤔 anyway life is cycle. Antha hero Ku thayatthu climax la Koduthu iruka vendam

    57. Vetriselvan K

      👏🏻👏🏻 cinematography.. acting was very natural

    58. Balaa Tenizen

      Climax bgm...paint in black😉

    59. Vaishnavi Devy

      Hello Arjun, I was your junior in your college.You were in the dance team.I came to know about you much later. I have watched your short films.(IRIS,Fairy tale).I really liked your acting. Happy to see you act after so long time.Congrats.All the best for your upcoming things. Congrats to the whole team.Everyone performed so naturally.The plot is so intriguing.

    60. புதியது இசை

      Need to be continue like series that cycle series of implement the every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ... Please make series episode with different plots 💝💝💝💗 and Arjun is very nature acting and antha mukkula bulbu ponathu😂 and dhivya dhayakataa sonathum 🙄..we hope soon this hero can seen in big screen 😎😎

    61. Paul Factory

      Hahaha. Very good. We need more twisted short films like this. Great work by the team ❤️

    62. Ajay AJ


    63. Usha Otheeswaran

      Superb Arjun. Semma dhool acting of all. Arjun is always Super Hero. Congratulations. My best wishes. Very nice to watch. Keep it up. Good going.


      Vaalka oru vattam..... 🔥 🔥

    65. O.SUNDAR Raja


    66. Pavithra S.A.M

      Wow.. nice short film!!! Different concept and good acting!! Keep up the good work guys!!

    67. kishore kumar

      Short film well crafted.. cycle la porapo phone call dialogues lam vera level.. ellaroda acting um nice.. expressions la hero ku neraya scope irunthum overdo pannama alava correct ah paniruka.. due to that film starting la irunthu end varaikum character ah vittu veliya pogama intact ah irunchu.. thalai aatiraatheenga ku thalai aatnathu semma😂 shortfilm unrealistic logic eh illa nu solravangaluku, shortfilm laye oru dialogue vechuteenga😅 "over ah pannatheenga da dei😂"

    68. Pavi Pavithra.R


    69. Priya M.

      Nice movie Balaji. Keep the good work going.

    70. Guna Gopal

      the movie was amazing . வாழ்க்கை ஒரு வட்டம் (cycle) Well said machi Arjun (raj) ... All the guys acted well .... cinematography was the best..... All the very best ... Rock on guys.......

    71. Clapout Media

      Arjun anna rocks. Purely high talented... kudoos to team. Tq ondraga for recognition for ths team

    72. vairav krishnan

      Arjun anna sema

    73. Stephen Wesly

      Very slow .. drama

    74. Mahi Gohan

      super .. ending sema :P

    75. Elvis Asokan

      The end credit music is "Paint it Black" by Rolling Stones.

    76. sabariprakashable

      Very good concept !!!

    77. Varun Narayanan

      Vera Level music Arvind!!

    78. Santosh Kishor

      GVM direction always superb.. nice find for the next hero sir.. Tamil cinema needs fresh faces!

      1. Santosh Kishor

        Oh okay. It seems the hero is the director! My mistake!

      2. Lakshminaarayanan

        actually...he is not the director of this piece

    79. Eswara Moorthy

      Haha!! Sweet and funny! Good one after long time! Kudos team

    80. Vasanthakumar Selvaraj


    81. sethu pathi

      Nice concept 😎

    82. prakash subramanian

      Lovedd it !!! Kudos Arjun ❤️

    83. Gokul

      Hero acting semma 👏👏👏👏

    84. Dhanapal Kandasamy

      😄😉😍Nice man...

    85. Vivekraj


    86. tamil ponumani

      Hero looks like dhoni in thubline so came here

    87. Anush Kartik

      good......karma hitted both of them very hardly.....😂

    88. kishor kumar

      Good concept 👍

    89. Mohan Babu

      GVM fans hit like ♥️

      1. Ram Baba

        Abdul kalam fans lile my comment. Amma thayae like pichcha podunga

    90. vignesh s.k

      Similar to Karthik calling Karthik,😬

    91. Anandh Baabu kausik

      Hes isn't really cycling

    92. Vj vinoth Vj vinoth da

      That poor woman acting sema 👍

    93. praba kar

      Different story

    94. Chezyi Narchezyian

      Nice ..... brilliant... Karma karma.....

    95. praba kar

      Because of his 🤜 hero loose is nose smelling sense. So cycle guy also now facing same smelling issues at hero house. am I right ?!

      1. Ram gopal

        You're right brother. So this is gonna continue again and again in a round cycle so this is named as CYCLE!

    96. raja manoharan


    97. gowtham raj

      Good film with a different concept!! Best wishes for the team!!

    98. ramesh kannan

      Night 2manikku coke saptuvana ivan Ithu mattum logic ah da dey

      1. Prakash M

        ramesh kannan buddy it’s a cello water bottle. Check this link :

      2. ramesh kannan

        @Good luck watch again it's full of coke

      3. ramesh kannan

        @vignesh vicky watch again bro

      4. Good luck

        Adhu water bottle

      5. vignesh vicky

        Bro ahdhu water bottle

    99. Dée A.

      I can see behind the camera! What's happening..😂😂🤫

    100. MN Studios

      Good not bad