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    Presenting the haunting melody of "Chaitanya & Shakthi's Love Theme" from 'QUEEN'.
    Starring : Ramya Krishnan
    Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon & Prasath Murugesan
    Written by : Reshma Ghatala
    #Queen #MXOriginalSeries #GauthamVasudevMenon #RamyaKrishnan
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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 8 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Swati Nivendkar

      Anjana is very beautiful ..can't compare with anybody

    2. Mahin Babu

      Anjana become heroine in south indian film industry near future

    3. ABIRAMI G

      Background music super,hero and heroine too😍

    4. Puven Thiran


    5. Rajesh Kumar

      Queen serial y upload panna matringa pls upload pannunga search panna full episode vara matinguthu

    6. MP SR

      I loved this pair 🥰


      yeah it is really wonderful series which I have ever seen and it is really incredible and mind blowing the acting of the actors is very nice which I request all the people to definitely see that series in MX player which is absolutely free for all

    8. sabari govindasamy

      Purachi thalaivi amma


      Wow this come

    10. Devendran Kulandaivelu

      When next season.. Waiting for it?

    11. Neela Devi

      Sema cute anjana .

    12. Kaviya cooking

      Super video mein

    13. M. Ushasri 6th b

      Gorgeous looking anjanaaa❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    14. Sri Varshini

      She looks so pretty

    15. Siva Ranjani

      She is very cute

    16. Queen Angel

      Jodi 💝

    17. b geetha

      Majili heroin la undi

    18. Indian Queen

      She has mallu face not looking like JJ . GVM should have chosen tamil brahmin actress for playing this part like Ramya Krishnan.

    19. Hema Sneha

      Anjana and Ramyakrishnan 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 thanks for showing us our JJ .. GVM 🙏🙌🏼

      1. Hema Sneha

        By the way .. waiting for PART 2 🤩🤩✌️✌️

    20. Nandhini Shree

      I don't know why Ramya Krishnan playing JJ doesnt seems to feel perfect. At least Ramya Krishnan had lil bit not accurate but acceptable kind of looks for JJ. I think anyone can apart from Ramya would have any less 40% similarities with JJ. Anjana seems perfect fit as JJ and it is the best part of Queen. lil JJ is so unknown so can't judge Anika's performance but felt like casting a real Tamil brahmin girl with round face would have been better . As Ramya and Anjana also have round face. Anika's part is where I couldn't find any thing relatable to JJ. Language and story pattern was so modern than recreation of 60s kind of feel. The only 60s feel in the series was in the makeup and set. I also felt Ramya looked like polite, respectable and extremely kind whereas JJ had an aura of dominance, competitiveness, savvy in mere presence. I liked Indrajith as MGR and felt he is also best to cast as apart from him no one can match but still language part was more modern than 60s. I hated JJ s mom very much and pratiban character was very much annoying. The rest others like Janakiammal, other supporting politicians characters were apt and perfectly executed.

      1. Ananthi

        Because GVM said it wasn't JJ's biography...but we all know it is... somehow to avoid certain issues they have changed a lot of we couldn't expect the absolute similarities

    21. Rajal Rathore

      I love this series superb

      1. sabari govindasamy

        Purachi thalaivi amma......

    22. Jeyalakshmi S

      Sema love theme!!

    23. Reena s

      GVM SIR and Ondraga ..My humble request for you guys is to put the full footage of Chaitanya and Sakthi love.. I understand you have edited them for sake of web series.. But definitely we anyday we would love to see GVM's romance scenes...

    24. Reena s

      Guys someone please clarify...some scenes shown in this video weren't available in the series...

      1. Reena s

        @AnanthiI didn't skip.. oh really...maybe I got confused seeing the full footage at one go..😅

      2. Ananthi

        Everything is available... maybe u skipped...

      3. Yazhini Devi

        No it is there

    25. sreekanth nayanapalli

      Enduku serial stop chesaru,,, pls malli continue cheyandi

    26. Domain raman

      🙄 அரியர் Exam pass பணிட்டு இவங்க பன்ற இம்சை தாங்க முடியலப்பா👇 arrear student 🤫 rakita rakita ahh 😂😁🤯

    27. Karthika N U

      Omg 😭🧡

    28. Saroja Sureshkumar

      Awesome. Feel so heavy at the end of each episode

    29. Livin yes


    30. Sindhu rds

      Superb movie liked so much😍

    31. Juley Tharshan singaranathen

      So sweet

    32. Munavar Sheriff


    33. Aravindhan C

      Came here only for Anjana🥰


      There is another bgm for shakthi and chaitanya pls upload that

    35. Hamshini K


    36. Kalpana S

      Who is that director? Any idea from anyone

    37. Meghana Kuppa

      Please add the music composer's name. Feels a bit ridiculous to upload a music video and not have the composer's name mentioned anywhere.

      1. AKILESH

        It is Darkubar Siva sir(aka Mr.X) very well known for ENPT!!!! I don't know y he isnt been mentioned anywhere☹️☹️

      2. Shanthini Gokula Balan

        Very well said

    38. swati andavarapu

      I think only gvm can show any actor that mesmerizing to audience Usually this girl doesn't look that gracious in other pictures But coming to queen webseries she do really looks like a queen

      1. Login to Life - Desi Girl

        The Art of GVM! Only he can give this beautiful look of heroine on screen.

      2. Ananthi

        The series was directed by two different directors GVM and Prasath...each episode is directed by either one of them...nd some episodes by both of them...

    39. Abi Abi

      I had been searching for this since December..🤩🤩

    40. Shilpa Ramaswamy

      Is he potray shobanbhabu

    41. Morning Glory

      The real reason Shoban Babu didn't marry her in real life was because he was already married. A little more accuracy would have been nice but I guess this is a semi-biography not a documentary.

      1. Srikala Gajjala

        @Shanthi santhanakrishnan is it not cheating to have an affair outside marriage. He actually cheated both his wife and jayalalitha. Jayalalitha was too naive and gullible to have trusted this man. It was so unfortunate that she couldn't live with MGR in the first place.

      2. Shanthi santhanakrishnan

        He would never cheat his wife ...a genuinely fair person...

      3. swati andavarapu

        The webseries mentioned in disclaimer itself is that this is not a birography of any one

    42. Morning Glory

      Couldn't pick a better actress? Sweet but did not suit the part.

    43. Evanjalin L

      Please upload mom and daughter last scenes too

    44. Evanjalin L

      Fav Tamil series ❤️

    45. Maddy Sharma

      She doesn't look one bit like jaya lalitha. Hated her throughout. She can be of use for Sneha's biopic sigh

      1. Morning Glory

        Very true. She was lost throughout her portions. Would have preferred to have seen more of Ramya.

    46. Kondapalli Swetha

      Who is chaitanya in real life

      1. Morning Glory

        Shoban Babu

    47. Arun Chalam

      Makeup for that girl is extraordinarily retro. Superb

      1. Arun Chalam

        @Aila Jason ji. Yes. Mesmerising beauty that woman possess

    48. Satvika ARS

      The heroine is gorgeous

    49. Manisha Murthy Yadav

      I love that herione🤗🤗and that love story

    50. Indhu Sathiaseelan

      Please can someone help me to know how to watch this in the UK?

      1. Sharvari Burde

        The web series is on MX player app

    51. Divya bharathi

      Darbuka siva va en mention pnla

    52. Divya bharathi

      Waiting for second season 💗💗💗💗💗Sekram podunga GVM 💛💛

    53. Manoj Rajendran


    54. sandy san

      Same track I have heard in all Vijay TV serials for romance

      1. Morning Glory


    55. Arun Chalam

      What is that tall guy name...

      1. JENNIFER J

        Vamsi krishna

    56. S Ann

      Waiting for season 2. Whole team was awesome loved it a lot and lots. GVM sir excellent work.


      She is so Gorgeous ❤️❤️ And music is just breathtaking 😍💙 wid her beautiful Eyes

    58. Gaja Keerthi

      Waiting for part 2 man

    59. D GN

      How can we watch this web series

      1. Sureshadithya S

        Download MX Player App... Then watch this series

    60. Anbu Saran

      I'm 1000th Video Liker 💪💘🤳😎

    61. Niresh directortouch

      Why music director name is not mentioned?

      1. கவியும நானும்

        Awesome background score.. Who is that music director?

    62. Hena Eileen

      I love this actor Anjana more than that kid and Ramya beautiful and extraordinary perfomance...I want her in season 2 again....♥️♥️♥️


        @maruthu pandi 08

      2. maruthu pandi


      3. Nakshathra Nazer

        How would that be possible?


      Dislike pannavan poora dmk va irukum

    64. Khavya Shreya

      Omg anjana dr is that you..n🤩🤩 happy for you.wishing u all t very best.

    65. Raghul Smart

      One n only GVM sir can take movies that directly touches our heart and do something... The way of acting / directing / dialogues just wowsome... It was truly more inspiring because of GVM :)

    66. imaginary tree

      GVM 😍

    67. Mada Sambrani


    68. varun prakash

      Darbuk Siva music 🎵🎶🎵🎶 enhance Queen web series and GVM love 💟💗🖤💙 stories 👌👌👌

    69. Tulips G

      It is taken in Gandikota..

    70. Prasanna Kumar

      What a coincidence 666 likes and 6 dislikes at the same time

    71. Bindu Raju Rukmani

      Waiting for queen part 2 music is lovely to hear. Costume was gorgeous for Queen. Gautham Vasudev menon sir made a beautiful creation.gvm sir rocks

    72. Ram Kumar

      One Of Gautham's best Work so far & excellent perform by Ramya Krishnan ,finally someone an actress can perform in Tamil Industry.Me and my mom watched all the episode in one day almost for 8 hours ,We could not quit .Thank you Corona .And thank you Gautham keep going

      1. Ananthi

        The whole series was directed by two different directors GVM and Prasath...each episode is directed by either one of them...only one or episodes by both of them...but you can't tell the difference of the episodes between the two ...nd no one is talking about the other one..

      2. Ramya P

        Where to watch?

    73. Sanjai 01

      Gvm fans hit the like ❤️🔥

    74. ram krishnan

      Wt a bgm ❤️❤️❤️

    75. Arjun Arya

      Diffrent feeling

    76. SZ Siva

      Vamsi, you are not a villain. You are hero material 😍 ❤

    77. Ramesh Kg

      enna vaai da ithu..... sagikkala

      1. Morning Glory

        Not for our taste bro. Typical Mallu face. Sagikkalanu sollathe. All are good in their own way. Just not suited for us.

    78. Gumbala Suthuvom

      வணக்கம் நண்பர்களே! நாங்க ஸ்வீடன் வாழ் தமிழர்கள், Travel மற்றும் informative videos கொடுத்துக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறோம். நேரம் இருந்தால் DP கிளிக் பண்ணி பாருங்க - ஸ்வீடன் வாழ் தமிழர்கள்❤️❤️❤️

    79. Asraf Zid

      Pure class sir...

    80. நவீன்

      Season 2 beaconing

    81. sinduja nehruji

      Love love this portion and the music. So soothing 😍

      1. Ragavan Ragu

        Good morning

      2. PREM KUMAR

        Enadhu soothing ahhh😼😼😼

    82. Ajay Kumar

      Had to dislike since the title did not feature Darbuka Siva

    83. Arun Kumar

      Love portion really awesome in Queen series..👍

      1. Arun Kumar

        @Aravind Sahayaraj yes brother, thanks..! Updated.

      2. Aravind Sahayaraj

        I think, u mean love portion bro..

    84. Arun Kumar

      Who is that guy in real-life? 🤔

      1. Vaddi Ugavanth

        Sobhan Babu Telugu actor

    85. Babu Salam

      her acting was awesome

    86. Kamesh Narayan

      Only wishes if our JJ was alive. Sincerely would have loved it.

      1. Shanthi santhanakrishnan

        She would have killed everyone... For this pathetic love failure.. She was never rejected... Rather she never surrendered to anyone

      2. Shalini s

        @Sathya Thiyagarajan I asked where in the web series only. Not in real life

      3. Sathya Thiyagarajan

        @Shalini s ugh I just said they "portrayed" her smoking. I didn't say she was smoking.

      4. Shalini s

        @Sathya Thiyagarajan huh where does she smoke?

      5. Sathya Thiyagarajan

        @isha ramesh for God sake understand what I'm saying. I never said she did. Just the queen series portrayed it which is very wrong for a person who isn't alive. That's unethical and that what I'm talking about. No one deserves it.

    87. PK25 Lee


    88. Ganapathy Iyer Bakery

      Great Visual

    89. Dheepika M

      GVM for life💖💖

    90. Hareesh monteiro

      Gorgeous heroine

      1. Ananthi

        @Hari Krishna she came in Dhuruvangal padhinaaru movie as Vaishnavi...

      2. Arun Chalam

        @Hari Krishna ji. She is ANJANA JAYAPRAKASH

      3. Hari Krishna

        Herion name

    91. Mani Vikey

      Semmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa na அருமை செல்ல வார்த்தைகல் இல்லை 😍😍😍👌👌👌💝💝

      1. muGil !


    92. GOWTHAM Kt

      Waiting eagerly for the part 2 Please make it fast GVM sir I am dying to watch it

    93. Abijith RJ

      Visuals 💖

    94. vimal raj


    95. Bharghavi Ganesan

      Only for Anjana 😍

      1. Bhavarevathy Bhava

        @Hari Krishna anjana jayaprakash

      2. Hari Krishna

        Herion name

    96. pavithra prabakaran


    97. Trends Today


    98. Karthick R

      Gvm always ultimate

    99. PREM KUMAR


    100. Aldrin Xavier Ax

      Gautham Vasudev Menon 🎥♥️