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    A brave voice carrying through the chaos and boldly speaking it's truth. Here is #BreakFree Short Film starring Sanchana Natarajan & Vinod Anand.
    Ondraga Entertainment
    Cast : Sanchana Natarajan, Vinod Anand
    Directed by : Vignesh Raj
    Writer : Brian Perlmutter
    Cinematography : Nijai Gowthaman
    Editor : Nikhil Sreekumar
    Executive Producer : Hari Prasad
    Music Director : Haroon & Gavin
    Editor : Nikhil
    Sound Effects : Valentino Suren
    Art Director : Raj Kamal
    DI : Picture Machine
    Design : Dinish
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    1. Meharaj Saf

      The concept Was Nice, but the team would have briefed the content.

    2. Santhosh C

      Nice direction,,acting

    3. Poornima Jawahar spc-iner

      Have you all watched BOY short film!???😉

    4. Black lover

      Respect needed❤️

    5. Human Us

      It's very similar to the English Short Film Boy

    6. 125 Sathish Priyan

      Bold Saluate to d girl

    7. Ravichandra Gopalakrishnan

      Know one not understand Trans Life.. I wrote the story "Vaada Malli" in tamil..

    8. Arul S

      Great. Keep rocking Vignesh..

    9. Alphonse Inbaraj

      this was really different platform (s(HE))that stunned me.

    10. En Ninaivin kavithai nee

      Be clear about core of film.. It's lesbian film Or about trans... Both r biologically have different meaning....

    11. Raathigaselvi Anandakumar

      Omg supbb..... ❤️❤️No words to express good concept... Jst luv it... 🤞🤞

    12. Hema Latha

      We must travel why?

    13. siju. simon

      Great work


      Ennada soluringa😮

    15. Nandlal Aruna

      Mokka padam perusa onnumey illa.

    16. SAYAN ROY

    17. mikkie photography shortfilm koodaa copy edipeengala?

    18. Rao Tilo

      Today choosing your gender after being born in 💯 single gender.. 💯 male or 💯 female..choosing to switch is so wierd 🙄

      1. Vigneshwar PriyaUnni

        Lol. A typical cisgender person's comment. Yeah everything is weird for you. And you don't have to comment on someone else's comment just to make your narrow minded opinion sound valid.

    19. gully boy studios

    20. Gokula kannan Vasudevan

      Powerful Performance by Sanchana

    21. Mohamed Harsath

      Freddie Mercury on the wall 😍

    22. bhavloves

      It wasn't natural.


      Brave role taken by Sanjana... Both father and daughter did well...

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    25. Carukaran

    26. sarath araveti

      Understanding each other is the pillar for any kind of relationships

    27. Sethu Vignesh

      i thought meera mithun on thumbnail

      1. ராம்


    28. Balaji AK

      Its awesome!

    29. Muralidharan Soundhararajan

      துரை இங்கிலீஷ் ல தான் படம் எடுப்பாரு!


      I also want to direct a movie on LGBTQ.... I have planned last year and I have a strong script in my mind....... If possible I can discuss with you my script @vigneshraj @ondragaentertainment

    31. Aparna Manishankar

      Not upto the mark... Conveying could have beem better... Bt overall its gud to watch


      I think the way of getting your child grow through, I mean the society.. Let your girl child be a girl and don't raise your girl child like a boy... Raise your girl child like a girl , so that they do not suffer when they grew up... I think girls need to be bold not manly...

    33. 4k FRAMES


    34. Raghul Damodaran

      I have seen lot of comments regarding LGBTQ but I don't think this is so but trans. Ppl LGBTQ is different from trans(which is based on hormones) and other factors

      1. Raghul Damodaran

        @Pxsada yes I'm aware but mentioning LGBTQ comes under wide spectrum but this is just one in it so I mentioned so.

      2. Pxsada

        T in LGBTQ stands for Trans.

    35. Senaja Nayagi

      Somebody says that negatively but it's a good job team keep going on with amazing ideas♥👏

    36. praba karan

      தமில்ல பேசு

    37. Subhashini Govindaraj

      Bold & handsome👍

    38. Chitransh Khare

      It was good. Especially BGM was good. 🤘

    39. Keerthana Pk


    40. peace

      this is best thing happening nowadays on PAprom platform people or directors are promoting LGBTQ. i genuinely feels respect for them and love @ondragaentertainment @tinder

    41. Sai Hari

      Whooohoo ... This is a great work .... Loved it 😉❣️❣️

    42. Mano R

      Nice flim. ✌️✌️.

    43. Vijay G

      mokka padam da dey

    44. Z M

      Realistic performance of both the actor made this short watchable....

    45. Uruttugal Palavidham

      Love is love🌈

    46. Lazy cleaning

      Why does she do threading her eyebrows?

    47. Harithas

      Awesome ❤️

    48. PARVATI an oneironaut

      Nice work 👍♥️

    49. Raj K

      Happy that I'm straight

    50. sanjai le


    51. Madasamy Ponraj

      Nice content

    52. Praveen Kumar Balan

      Every series in your channel is a masterpiece , salute you guys 😍💕

    53. Smile Sree

      Simply superb ... good concept 👍🏻👍🏻

    54. Ajith Kumar

      Sema Cinematography..... Sema Acting....💙

    55. viggnesh rajan

      Sema flim.... every one has individual style

    56. Supriya Ravi

      That slap gave me chills literally !!

    57. Freaky Freak

      Copied content...tats okie but why don't u think abt the language ..

    58. Freaky Freak

      If you are really concerned abt trans nd making this outcome for good cause whatever but it need to be reachable...when everything is in English thn who's gonna teach my circle who doesn't understnd anything from your story .....✌️wow really good movie but it's waste

    59. Dhachen Moorthy

      nice work team❤it made me feel something...

    60. Coffee Man

      Every life deserves it’s respect from god🙂

    61. Abinaya Shankara Narayanan

      Incredible performance sanchana and a brave attempt too... Kudos to you my girl

    62. manikanda prabhu

    63. Denesh diary

      perfect message

    64. RPS Vision

      OMG !! Am happy that they talked about transgender but the problem is " how could she feels boyish? Why she has to? Am not agree with this.... Because she still has female genitalia and has the capability to giving life to babies. The real crisis for her is not giving equal choices and liberty like many of the boys. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT OF THEIR OWN BODY, DRESSING, ..... SOCIAL CONDITIONING PLAYS THE ROLE....😈

      1. Sri Ranjit

        @Selfie Padam bro puriyama pesadheenga ... na Biology student, enga book la ye clear koduthurukanga ... hormonal imbalance ah pharmaceutical enzymes hormones ah Artificial ah koduthu cure pannalam ... ithu yeno thaano nu eduthu vechu irukkaan ... Transgenders puberty time la ye maariduvanga or by birth apdi pirappanga ... She is a girl, not a boy, not a transgender or not a lesbian ... she is bisexual

      2. RPS Vision

        Selfie Padam - okay then ... present the facts... am open to .....

      3. Selfie Padam

        @RPS Vision u can just type the word transgender in Google read the Wikipedia provided there nd try to understand the scientific basis. And I am a medical student myself

      4. RPS Vision

        Selfie Padam - hormones cannot change your contemporary biology brother..... being a boy you may feel like a girl but you are not a girl... [in my view - in this short movie, a girl feels like a boy .... so she starts to cover her breasts, trims her hair, wears T-shirt & jeans..... so after all these done by her .... she is boy ah ?.... I don’t really understand ?....) so as you said ITS HORMONAL IMBALANCE, this may changes after some time or may not. SHE is SHE

      5. Selfie Padam

        It's hormonal not about an external genitalia outside a girl inside a boy or vice versa

    65. ahilan s


    66. Prabu P

      Nice one👍 #ArtisticFancyFilm2

    67. krishnan srinivasan

      Nice :)

    68. IFMFF's WoRLd

    69. Htiniv

      Wow good one, congratulations for the whole team, Keep doing good craft. Vinith ( Vice Veritas Studios ).

    70. Priya Riya

      Ena solradhu therlanga 🙄😬

    71. Ramani

      You are add the subtitles.. Much better for the vedio

    72. kathir kathir

    73. Sajin Sadanandan

      The story had no depth. The plot was week and Why would you not cast a trans person in this role?

    74. Santosh Spear

      Story is very short. Too lengthy. Something missing or no flow

      1. dev

        Yeah man I too felt the same. Something is missing.

    75. Sabarinath

      Concept is good.not well conveyed.depth of perception is poor

    76. Joseph Augustin

      Superb film. Very Brave acting by Sanchana madam. Hats off to u madam

    77. chandraleka janaki

      Even if we take 100's of movies , it takes so much of years to be accepted by everyone. Everything has to come under education only education in schools changes everything changes

    78. Anbu Kumaran

      Bull shit

    79. Teddy FrameZ

      Karumo indha LGBT puriyadha aalungaloda comments kadupa iruku

      1. Priya Riya

        LGBT na enna bro

    80. kumaraguru vivek

      Open up

    81. Yuvaraj.S

      Support to my channel guys🙏🙏🙏


      I can see you guys deleted the comments which contains original film BOY (2014).

    83. GOWTHAM

      Hii bro I'm GOWTHAM from Chennai yenaku orey Oru chance kudunga bro please Income vendam bro chance mattum kudunga bro Yentha character aha I ok bro I'm poor family bro 😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

      1. GOWTHAM

        @Kalai Vani thanks mam edit panniten😍😍

      2. Kalai Vani

        Actor spelling thappu bro change panikonga

    84. GOWTHAM

      Yenaku orey Oru chance kudunga bro I'm GOWTHAM from Chennai poor family bro Income vendam bro chance mattum kudunga bro 😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼

      1. GOWTHAM

        @ⓣⓞⓞⓝⓦⓘⓩⓐⓡⓓ Thanks brother

      2. GOWTHAM

        @suba suba very very thank you so much mam😍😍🙏🏼🙏🏼

      3. suba suba

        @GOWTHAM super bro all the best👍 i hope soon will C u in big screen

      4. GOWTHAM

        @suba suba thank you so much mam intha idea first time neengathan solli irukinga Comdeys you tube channel Start panren mam thank you 🔥

      5. suba suba

        @GOWTHAM bro single man nu nennakidinga ungala mari naariya peer irrukunga konjam theernchavanga kitta la keeta kandipa someone will join with u. Nalla content irundha kandipa everyone will see.. Try pannunga bro first ungala nambunga appo tha success kaadaikum

    85. Anitha Hari

      she looks so cute like a girl cant take her as a transgender actually..

      1. Anitha Hari

        @Vinoth R i knw tht bro i meant her bodylanguage expressions grooming doesnt look like transgender..she stays in our mind as a beautiful gal maybe she was not expressive there s not a part in ths shortfilm to inculcate in viewers brains tht she s a trans a gal who wants to b a boy hs sm specific expressions watch other shortfilms they wdve acted sooo wellversed in eng bro i do knw the meaning of transgender..anyways thanx fr ur detail...

      2. Vinoth R

        DOOD she is girls only , trans is not only for a boy who changes to girl, girl who wants to be boy also named as transgender

    86. balaji ragu


    87. Aam Admi Bechara

    88. Kekistan Forever

      Mental disorder

    89. Magesh Pandian

      Direction is all over the place, such a wafer thin story that should've been done under 6mins. Sanchana's acting is good but the dialogues feel too rushed by both the actors which again I think its on the director. Apparently the short film is copied as well. Everyone's a trans supporter until they encounter them in trains...

    90. Bala Ji

      இப்போ என்ன தான் சொல்ல வரிங்க???? 🤔 🙄🙄

    91. ludan1498

      Story could've been more fleshed out. This just feels like a collection of scenes mishmashed together

    92. I_am_ DDs

      Female trans concept, I think it's a good & emotional short film. Feel the truth. Don't underestimate them.👆 Congrats🤝 🎬director and team 👏

      1. I_am_ DDs

        Thanks for your likes 👍😊 guys


      11:00 true quote

    94. Manoj Ghasan

      nice try, could have been better, must have very strong image, more boyish look on sanjana. ending too melodramatic - please make this script as Aruvi, add more elements, visuals then do it on low budget.

    95. Raghul V.N.

      Transmen movie..nice acting

    96. aadhan aadhan

      உடல் ரீதியான மற்றமே முன்றாம் பாலினம் உணர்வுரீதியான மாற்றம் பேரும்பாலும் மனபிறழ்வால் வருவது நிலையானது அல்ல சில விலங்குகளும் ஓரினச்சேர்கையில் ஈடுபடும் எப்பெழுதாவது தானே ஒழிய அதையே தனது வாழ்வியலாக மாற்றிக்கொள்ளாது படத்தை புரிதலுடன் விவரியுங்கள்

    97. Rohith 1997

      The concept was nice and acting is very nice

    98. Mani Kandan

      Sanchana enama ithellam 🙄🙄

    99. Lavanya Kannan

      Am a mother .. when I saw this movie I got a glimpse of wat wld hapn if my baby girls go through this ... No society or no one's opinion matter when it come to ur childrens happiness nd wats their choice b .. let it b carreer , gender or who they need to get married.. our society shd change nd start living for little human who was brought to world by us who they trusted on their first day of life ..

      1. chandraleka janaki

        Whatever happens accept her because love is the absence of judgement.😊

      2. Magesh Pandian

        Your baby girl wont go through this in her 20's though.

    100. N M

      If the lead was a guy, there would have been hellish response. If you are not one of the LGBTQ, the least you can do is support them, there is enough oppression in this country already. But wait, we are still battling age old issues such as child abuse and rape, so where is the question of LGBTQ. Millennials bring a change, change ur tradition, change ur mindset , change ur oldies perspective on life. That is what this flim has potrait . Support them, do not oppress them.